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Flamingo Poker is a video poker game. It is played between you and the machine. The objective of the game is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains at least two pairs or a better hand strength (the paytable is shown at the top of the game screen), to the maximum of a Natural Royal Flush.

You place a bet and the machine gives you five cards. You then choose the cards you want to hold and the cards you want to discard. The machine replaces the cards you discard. You win according to the rank of your hand.

When 3 or more 'Flamingo' symbols occur, they trigger the Flamingo feature. In the event of the feature game trigger, any Flamingo Poker win amount from the regular game win is reflected under 'WIN' and a subsequent change in the 'CREDITS' occurs before the start of the feature game.

Feature Game Play

  • After the Draw, 'Flamingo' symbols may appear on cards in the final hand.

  • When 3 or more 'Flamingo' symbols occur, feature cycles starts and 5 dice appear.

  • There are 4 white dice and 1 red die.

  • The dice used in the feature game are not flat dice.
    Click on 'START SPIN' to spin the dice. To stop the spinning, click on 'STOP SPIN'.

  • The sum of the numbers shown on the 4 white dice is multiplied by the number shown on the red dice to yield the Bonus Number.

  • Bonus Prize is the Bonus Number multiplied by the bet.

  • This feature cycle is played from 1 to 3 times.

  • Wins from the base game and each round of the feature are immediately credited to player balance.

  • Click on 'CONTINUE' to return to the main game.

  • Bonus Prizes are added to poker hand wins.