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The setup for Bingo Royale is different then any other regular bingo game. With this game you don't just buy some cards and start playing. You actually buy packages of bingo cards that give you great value for your bingo cards. For $20 worth P1 package you can play the 3-hour session, which has 24 games. Cash prizes worth $3,000 are being given away in each session! And this is not all, you also get FREE cards for the jackpot game... so buy more packages and win big!

Game Rules

  • Cards are available in 'Packages'- Regular and Supersaver.
  • Packages are available in 3 levels: P1, P2 and P3.
  • You can purchase a package of any level.
Regular Package


P1 P2 P3
Price $20 $35 $50
Free JP Cards 3 3 3
Prize $50 $75 $125


Supersaver Package


S1 S2 S3
Price $40 $65 $90
Free JP Cards 9 9 12
Prize $50 $75 $125
  • A fixed number of cards are played for each game in the entire session. Purchase a supersaver package and you can play 30 cards per game in a session. For a regular package you can play 15 cards per game in a session and extras will be an addition of 1 extra card per game in a session.
  • Buy a regular package and you are eligible to purchase any number of supersaver.
  • You win FREE cards for the Jackpot game with each package purchase. The Jackpot game is at the end of each session.
  • Each level has a different prize! The higher the level, bigger the cash prize. For P3 it is $125,for P2 prize is $75 and for P1 it is $50 in each game.
  • You can buy more packages at different levels. This will increase the number of cards being played per game and hence increase your chances of winning!
  • You can also buy ‘Extras’ at a nominal price and play more.





Price No of Cards played p/game
Extra P1 $1 1
Extra P2 $2 1
Extra P3 $3 1
  • Once you have bought your Extra card, it will be played for each game in that session. So now you can play 1 extra card at P3 level for the entire session just by paying $3!